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Ask a Scientist- Dr. Rubao Ji, Tue Jan 25

The North Atlantic Right Whales depend upon a rich diet of copepods during their summer months in the Gulf of Maine and along the Northeast US Shelf. Understanding and predicting how changes in the ecosystem might affect the food chain leading up to these endangered whales is critical.

Dr. Rubao Ji at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will join us so you can ask him about his modeling work and how it helps the gentle giants. We’ll also dive into the related Data Jam dataset, Where Shall We Meet the Whales for Dinner? to give you a taste for yourself.

  • What: Ask a Scientist– Modeling, Copepods, and Whales
  • When: Tuesday, Jan 25, 3:00-4:00 EST
  • With Whom: Dr. Rubao Ji, WHOI
  • For Whom: NES-LTER Schoolyard Educators (you may sign up if you haven’t already)
  • From Whom: Northeast U.S. Shelf Long Term Ecological Research project

Please register so we can send you the link to participate.