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ASM is where the LTER Network shines

Four years ago, when our team attended the LTER Network All Scientists’ Meeting (ASM), we were “newbies”, only a year into playing our role in this long term network of researchers.  After an extra 1-year delay of the meeting, our team returned with more attendees, more connections, more posters, more workshops, and more appreciation. Our team was represented by 2 REU students, 7 grad students, 2 postdocs, 4 PI’s, and 1 Ed-Outreach coordinator. Every one of us shared the work that we’re doing and came back with new ideas and collaborations. NES now knows why other network members talk about ASM like a family reunion. Every meal and every workshop or plenary was a gathering with people you know or may not know well, but with whom you hold connected values and perhaps even a synthesis paper in the future.

NES team at Asilomar

NES team at the LTER Network ASM meeting at Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA Sep 19-22, 2022