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Former REU Publishes Research

S. Alejandra Castillo Cieza was an REU in Co-PI Rachel Stanley’s chemistry lab at Wellesley College in 2020 and 2021. It wasn’t just a pandemic pushing Alejandra to dig deeper into data analysis and lab work.  She’s driven to unraveling data-driven stories and sharing them as she is now pursuing her PhD in Biology at Boston University.  Her March 2024 publication with other NES team members tells the story of the “unusual Hemiaulus bloom” of 2019 and the resulting shifts in ocean productivity on the Northeast US Shelf during that summer.

Castillo Cieza, S. A., Stanley, R. H. R., Marrec, P., Fontaine, D. N., Crockford, E. T., McGillicuddy Jr., D. J., Mehta, A., Menden-Deuer, S., Peacock, E. E., Rynearson, T. A., Sandwith, Z. O., Zhang, W., and Sosik, H. M.: Unusual Hemiaulus bloom influences ocean productivity in Northeastern US Shelf waters, Biogeosciences, 21, 1235–1257,, 2024.