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Scallop Balance- Modeling for Management

Model results of Scallop Scope for Growth, for Jan-Feb and Mar-Apr with color scale above

In the recent publication of Fisheries Oceanography, Zhengchen Zang et al. share their sea scallop scope for growth (SFG) model. Scallop energy dynamics depend on the spatial and seasonal variability on the Northeast US Shelf. The scallop SFG model is therefore driven by high-resolution hydrodynamic and biological models and provides key information about scallop growth…

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L&O Letters- When It’s Spring in the Gulf of Maine

Bar chart with Years 2001-2016 on y-axis and months Feb-Jun on x-axis showing 4 patterns of the duration and timing of bloom patterns

In a recent publication to Limnology and Oceanography Letters, Zhengchen Zang et al. share work on the role of silicate in the Gulf of Maine. In this study, they employed an artificial neural network method to identify the spring blooms from satellite images and reconstructed the spring bloom magnitude with strong interannual variability. This study…

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Chlorophyll data published for rosette casts on NES-LTER Transect cruises since 2017


NES-LTER is pleased to announce our first data publication in collaboration with the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI): Sosik, H.M., T. Rynearson, S. Menden-Deuer, and OOI CGSN Data Team. 2021. Size-fractionated chlorophyll from water column bottle samples collected during NES-LTER Transect cruises, ongoing since 2017. ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative. (Accessed YYYY-MM-DD) This data package…

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Pelagic fish data packages available online at EDI!

This fall Jaxine Wolfe joined us as an Information Systems Assistant to help publish NES-LTER data to the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) repository. Her first two data packages are now available online, both prepared to accompany WHOI graduate student Justin Suca’s recent journal article. The data packages, for pelagic fish diet composition and stable isotopes,…

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A second successful Winter Transect cruise!

The NES-LTER Team just returned from the second successful Winter Transect cruise! The top photo shows PI Joel Llopiz happily displaying a sand lance, one of our target species of forage fish. Check the Twitter hashtag #NESLTER for another photo of Joel with an impressive sample resulting from towing a plankton net near the shelf…

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