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Awards for the NES-LTER Schoolyard’s first Data Jam!

The winning team for the 1st Annual Northeast U.S. Ecosystems Data Jam Competition is from Fairhaven High School (Fairhaven, MA), for their Level 3 project titled, “A Flood and Nitrogen: The Perfect Recipe for an Algae Feast”. Honorable Mentions go to: Level 1 – a team from Our Sisters’ School (New Bedford, MA) for “The Ocean is Changing”, Level 2 – a team from Our Sisters’ School for “Planktonic Blooming Food Web” and a team from Our Sisters’ School for “Winter & Summer Physics & Biology”, and Level 3 – a team from Our Sisters’ School for “Breaking It Up and Down with the Ocean Detectives”. A special thank you to the participating teachers and students, and to judges from the NES-LTER for reviewing all of the wonderful submissions this first year!
The Data Jammers were challenged to immerse themselves in authentic, locally relevant data sets that have been collected in and around the region by professional scientists. Students then wrote a scientific report on their chosen data set and came up with a creative project to share their data set with the community: link to videos of the recognized teams’ creative projects.

Teacher David Welty and students eating their cake decorated for the 2018-2019 NES-LTER Data Jam (Photo courtesy David Welty, Fairhaven High School).