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Data Jam 2021-22 Jammin’ more than ever

120 students and 38 projects from grades 7 through 12 generated raps, a symphony, dancing scallops and wind and satellites, claymation, cupcake data points, board games, poems, comic strips, and puppet shows. Students used 13 different datasets from the provided Data Jam datasets and entertained 17 judges from the NES research team for days.

While the team considers all of the student participants winners, this year’s top scoring projects were:

  • Level 1: Jammin’ with the Fishies by Jonah Kelly, Warren Feldman and Liam Carmichael, g.8, FA Day Middle School (Newton, MA) Advisors- Christine Adamson, Edward Pang
  • Level 2: Copepods vs. Climate Change by Nina Bakal, Margaux Shepard, Ella Stone-Diliberto, g.8, FA Day Middle School (Newton, MA), Advisor- Christine Adamson
  • Level 3: Salinity Symphony by Eve Stern, Carys Gallaher , Zadie Besev, Amani Arunga, g.8, FA Day Middle School (Newton MA), Advisor- Christine Adamson
  • Mini Jam: Copepods vs. Baby Whales Claymation by Vinnie Cosentino, Lauren Richardson, Lillian Principe, Emma Hudak, g.7, Luther Burbank MS (Lancaster, MA), Advisor- Molly Sorrows

For more results and project views, go to the Winners Ring on our Data Jam website.