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Scratching and Painting and Animating with Data- That’s Data Jam

By Annette Brickley | April 14, 2021

Our team of judges have reviewed 26 projects involving 83 students in grades 8-11 from Massachusetts. In our third year of competition, we’re seeing students challenging themselves with more advanced datasets and new creativity in communicating their data stories. In a challenging year of remote teaching and learning, the technology skills of students and teachers…

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Hands-On Undergraduate Research in Plankton Ecology During the 2020 Pandemic

By Stace Beaulieu | March 18, 2021

New article highlighting undergraduate student Andria Miller’s research with NES-LTER postdoc Pierre Marrec and PI Susanne Menden-Deuer: “OCEAN EDUCATION • Virtual and Remote—Hands-On Undergraduate Research in Plankton Ecology During the 2020 Pandemic: COVID-19 Can’t Stop This!” in Oceanography (

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New article on seasonal variability in the planktonic food web of the Northeast U.S. Shelf

By Stace Beaulieu | March 10, 2021

NES-LTER postdoctoral researcher Pierre Marrec and others in PI Susanne Menden-Deuer’s lab just published a new article: “Seasonal variability in planktonic food web structure and function of the Northeast U.S. Shelf” in Limnology and Oceanography ( Marrec et al., 2021,

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Our cohort of undergraduates doing NES-LTER research remotely in summer 2020

By Stace Beaulieu | July 28, 2020

One of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the NES-LTER project is that our summer undergraduate programs had to go online this year. Nevertheless, our cohort of undergraduates have still been doing research this summer, remotely, thanks to their dedicated and creative mentors/advisors and their own drive to learn. Meet them: Ayanna Butler is…

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New article, model, and data published for eukaryote picophytoplankton at MVCO

By Stace Beaulieu | June 2, 2020

Graduate student Bethany Fowler and co-authors at WHOI just published a new article in PNAS: Dynamics and functional diversity of the smallest phytoplankton on the Northeast US Shelf. They found that picoeukaryotes contribute more to the region’s primary productivity than would be inferred from their abundance alone. In addition to the journal article, the model…

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New article on community composition and realized thermal niches of diatoms

By Stace Beaulieu | May 11, 2020

NES-LTER PI Tatiana Rynearson, Sarah A. Flickinger, and graduate student Diana Fontaine just published a new article: “Metabarcoding Reveals Temporal Patterns of Community Composition and Realized Thermal Niches of Thalassiosira Spp. (Bacillariophyceae) from the Narragansett Bay Long-Term Plankton Time Series” (

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2019-20 Data Jam competition sees more students, new talents

By Annette Brickley | April 13, 2020

In just its second year, the NES-LTER Data Jam saw nearly three times as many student entries and broadening the region of engagement.  Education Outreach specialist, Annette Brickley, commented, “I think we’re reaching new teachers through the Massachusetts Marine Educators (MME) annual meeting each year in May, which is great, but I think our best…

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Heidi Sosik receives award for Rachel Carson Lecture at AGU Fall Meeting

By Stace Beaulieu | December 3, 2019

We are pleased to announce that NES-LTER Lead PI Heidi Sosik will be presenting the Rachel Carson Lecture for the Ocean Sciences Section at the 2019 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting. Her talk is entitled “Observing Plankton in the 21st Century: Big Data and Big Surprises.” Heidi received this award as a scientist who…

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Pelagic fish data packages available online at EDI!

By Stace Beaulieu | October 28, 2019

This fall Jaxine Wolfe joined us as an Information Systems Assistant to help publish NES-LTER data to the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) repository. Her first two data packages are now available online, both prepared to accompany WHOI graduate student Justin Suca’s recent journal article. The data packages, for pelagic fish diet composition and stable isotopes,…

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ILTER – The International Long-Term Ecological Research Network as a Platform for Global Coastal and Ocean Observation

By Stace Beaulieu | September 3, 2019

Article in Frontiers in Marine Science, published 28 August 2019, with co-authors Heidi Sosik and Stace Beaulieu:

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